When the labial frenulum is very tight, a lip tie will occur as this is the piece of tissue that attaches the upper lip to the gums, and this tightness will make it harder for a person to move their upper lip. This can be very problematic when it comes to babies because it will prevent them from being able to breastfeed, and they may not get enough milk as a result. A lip tie in babies will also cause a lot of pain to women who are breastfeeding, so this is a condition that needs to be addressed.

A lip tie will not allow a baby to seal their lips around the nipple, and they will be unable to latch on, which will prevent them from getting enough breastmilk, but the good news is that a lip tie can be treated because it is a difference in anatomy and not a disease or a serious problem. For this reason, it is recommended that it be treated if the infant cannot properly latch on during their feedings.

You need to first identify the problem, which you can do by looking at the center of the lip. There should be a band of tissue between the upper lip and gums, and if you have difficulty lifting the upper lip or if your baby cannot move their upper lip, it may be an indication of a lip tie. It’s important to note that some infants will have symptoms, while others will not, and not all babies who have breastfeeding difficulties will have a lip tie as there can be other causes. Babies who are frustrated or fussy when nursing, poor weight gain, pain during breastfeeding, a labial frenulum that is very tight and a baby who wants to nurse very frequently are some of the symptoms parents or caregivers may notice in babies with a lip tie. If you are concerned, a doctor will be able to evaluate the situation.

A lip tie is not a serious problem except when it comes to nursing babies. This can disrupt breastfeeding and lead to a number of complications, including dehydration and malnourishment. You can contact a lactation consultant to see if they can help and if you require treatment, you can consider laser frenectomy, which is safe and effective.

The procedure is safe for patients of all age groups, including babies, so parents and caregivers can have peace of mind in this regard. Laser frenectomies will improve your infant’s health because they will increase the mother’s ability to successfully breastfeed, and this is why this procedure is recommended. This treatment will actually provide your child with several benefits, so most healthcare professionals will tell you that an infant’s lip tie should be treated.

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