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Lip Tie
Dr. Robert Camastra

Dr. Robert Camastra

General Dentist

I have been practicing general dentistry since graduating from Columbia University in 2018. My interest in providing tongue and lip tie releases came about from the Erbium YAG laser training courses I have taken. I quickly witnessed the value and fulfillment in providing these essential services to parents and infants in need. The improvements seen in my patients have inspired me to continually learn and expand my knowledge in the field of tethered oral tissues.
In my free time, I enjoy time spent with friends and family and getting outdoors as much as possible for walks, mountain biking, hikes and snowboarding. I also maintain a general dentistry practice with pediatric and adult patients and I am accepting new patients.

Somer Marontate

Somer Marontate

Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Parenting can be so darn hard and challenging to navigate.  We were never meant to do it alone and I’m deeply honored at being invited into your experience. As a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I bring heart, passion, compassion and whole body awareness to my practice and care – for both parents and infants. In my own breastfeeding and parenting journey, I have been supported, guided and educated by many amazing humans. I sincerely hope to be able to do the same for the families I work with.

Our deep need for community and connection is valid, though often so elusive in modern society. We get to meet, connect and be reminded of the abundant health and wisdom in facing and navigating challenges together.

Sarah Oakes



Dental Assistant

I love being a dental assistant. It really shows when I have a patient in the chair!  I shine, especially with children.

Having two young kids at home has certainly influenced my interests within dentistry. Each and every one of my patients I see throughout each day get my undivided attention and care. When I get to see how much we can change someone’s life with what we do, it really completes my career. I am looking forward to helping many more in my time within the King Ritson Dental Clinic.  When I am not seeing patients, my two little ones and I enjoy spending time cottaging, playing board games and crafting. We more recently have created a music/jam space at home where we have been learning and expanding on musical instruments and recording some of our very own tunes!

Kristen Dowdall




I attended George Brown College for dance and have always had a focus on creative and performance arts. My hobbies and interests include photography, health, fitness and overall well-being. One of my proudest accomplishments was my photograph being displayed in the Art Gallery of Ontario. I have been working with Dr. Robert for nearly 2 years and have enjoyed being a part of the growth of his practice treating infants with tethered oral tissues. I love spending time with my family and especially singing and dancing to Disney songs with my son.