A frenectomy can be completed in a single visit, and it serves to improve the quality of your dental health and the look of your smile. At Durham Tongue Tie Laser Clinic, we focus on aesthetic and implant dentistry. By using our cutting-edge technology and affordable options for financing, we make it possible for anyone to have a great smile and have improved dental health. If you are interested in improving your smile and oral health, then schedule a visit today.

A labial frenum is the tissue fold that connects your gums’ top lip to the upper jaw. There is another frenum that connects the tongue to the lower jaw. Having them improves our appearance and dental health.

But sometimes the frenum happens to be thicker than usual, or it has some abnormal changes to it through no fault of your own. This can result in pain and even cause some ongoing dental issues. Frenulum abnormalities can be commonly linked to poor speech development in children.

This is why procedures like frenectomies can be important. There are two different types of frenectomy depending on which frenum is causing trouble.

After you get a frenectomy, you can expect to feel a bit numb from the anesthesia used. You will usually get symptoms of pain, light bleeding, or swelling. Blood can be seen in your saliva for the next couple of days. The swelling usually will last a little longer than that. It’s important to understand that these reactions are part of your body’s natural reaction to surgery and the healing process.

The recovery time associated with a routine frenectomy depends on what method was used. A laser frenectomy will usually end up having a shorter recovery time, since the laser promotes faster healing. Nonetheless, any procedure will give you satisfactory results.

After a few days, you might start to notice a white patch forming over the area that was treated. This is the first sign that the healing process is starting. This white patch will continue to form during the first week as symptoms like soreness, pain, or bleeding will gradually fade away.

During this time, your stitches will also dissolve and fall out on their own. Starting in the second week to the fourth week, this healing patch will start to shrink. By the end of the fourth week, the healing patch will have completely disappeared and is replaced by a newly shaped and positioned frenulum.

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