When the range of motion of the tongue is restricted, it’s likely because of a tongue-tie, which occurs when there is overdeveloped tissue that ties the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Treatment is often required; otherwise, this condition can affect a baby’s ability to breastfeed and can cause problems with the structure of their mouth, and it can also affect your child’s ability to speak because it can prevent speech development.

Proper function of the tongue is required for the formation of certain sounds, and if a tongue does not have full range of motion, it will not be able to make these sounds. It is not easy to diagnose a tongue-tie on your own, and a professional assessment will have to be completed. Certain symptoms like a speech impediment or pain when breastfeeding may be signs of a tongue-tie, but it's best to consult a professional for a proper diagnosis. If you notice your child struggling with their speech, book an appointment with a speech pathologist because they will be able to recognize problems and their causes and will then be able to confirm
whether or not it’s the result of tongue-tie.

If tongue-tie is the reason behind your child’s lack of progression, they may be required to undergo a simple procedure to remove the excess tissue that is preventing their tongue from having a full range of motion. Special laser tools are used to perform this procedure, so your child will experience minimal discomfort, and the healing process will be fast. It’s important to remember that lip and tongue-tie conditions occur at birth, so this is something you can look into right away if you notice any problems. If your child has difficulty latching onto your breast while they feed or you experience pain when feeding your baby, it may be a result of tongue-tie. If this issue is ignored, it can affect their speech development, so seek help early on because this can be treated, and the sooner you do it, the better your child will feel as they start to grow and develop.

Laser treatments are safe and effective and will easily eliminate excess tissue, which will allow the tongue to have a full range of motion. Patients will feel a difference right away and will notice an improvement in their quality of life. Treating this condition as early as possible is best because this will prevent complications in your child’s future, and they will not have issues with speech development.

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